Ninebot ESX Error Code 10

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Error 10 on a Ninebot ESX, the error displays the same message on both the SNSC 1.0 and the SNSC 2.0
"Communication between Dashboard and Control Board is Abnormal, Please check the related connections"

Ninebot Error Code 10 is the same on both the Ninebot ESX/SNSC 1.0 and the Ninebot Max/SNSC 2.0.

Error 10 is caused by the Dashboard being unable to communicate with the ESC.

This page documents Error 10 for the Ninebot ES1, ES2, ES3, and ES4, as well as the rental models SNSC 1.0, and SNSC 1.1.

For the Ninebot Max/G30/SNSC 2.0+, see Ninebot Max Error Code 10.

If your Ninebot ESX(ES1, ES2, ES3, or ES4) or SNSC (1.0 or 1.1) is beeping or has a red wrench icon and flashes this code, read below.

If you clicked the wrong error code, go back to the Error Code Index.

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Error 10 is indicative of a dashboard issue.

In some cases, the dashboard cannot communicate because the cable that is used to connect it was meant for an IoT unit on a rental scooter.

In other cases, the dashboard may have come unplugged or some part of the ESC may have failed causing the dashboard and ESC to not be able to communicate.

Finally, a failed firmware update or CFW flash can also cause error 10 to show.


Depending on what caused the issue, you have a few things to try.

First, try unplugging the dashboard and then plugging it back in.

This may cause it to begin working again, or it may resume flashing error 10 as soon as it's plugged back in.

Flashing retail/stock firmware can sometimes alleviate the issue.

If the vehicle cannot be connected to then you will need to STLink the ESC or BLE.