Ninebot SNSC 2.0

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The SNSC 2.0 or Ninebot Max is the rental/sharing version of the Ninebot Max/G30.

It succeeds the Ninebot SNSC 1.0 and is much more sturdy.

The Ninebot Max/SNSC 2.0 via Segway[1].





This series has the same board layout as the retail G30 and so it can be STLinked to give it retail functionality.

The following links are also valid for this series:

Custom Firmware (CFW) Support currently has support for this model in their CFW Generator available at

Once Converted using the guides above, CFW can be generated and flashed using the guides below:

CFW usually refers to custom firmware for the ESC, though there are some CFW versions for BLE and BMS.

ScooterHacking also supports this model with their SHFW.