Ninebot ESX BMS 1.2.2

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The update message for BMS 1.2.2 from the Segway-Ninebot app.

Firmware is the "operating system" of the different parts of the scooter.

To view all firmware files for the Ninebot ESX (ES1, ES2, ES3, ES4) and SNSC 1.0/SNSC 1.1, visit Ninebot ESX Firmware.

BMS firmware is responsible for the battery and its charging.

BMS stands for Battery Management System and is also just referred to as battery firmware.

BMS 1.2.2 was one of the earliest versions of BMS firmware for the ESX, no prior versions as of yet have been discovered.

Official Changelog

If anyone has this changelog or a screenshot of it please email me.

User Notes

1.2.2 has far fewer requirements to allow the battery to function so it is often used by modders.


This firmware is compatible with the following battery models:


Zip:, Format: CFW ZipV2 Format

Bin: BMS122.bin, Format: CFW Bin Format

Encoded Bin: BMS122.bin.enc, Format: CFW Encoded Bin Format