STLink Ninebot ESX Internal BMS

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In the case of a bricked BMS/Battery, STLinking can save the battery from needing to be replaced in some instances.

This is often the only way to save a board that has been bricked when the wrong firmware was flashed or an update failed.

This guide shows how to STLink the Ninebot NEB1002-H battery/BMS for the following scooters:

Retail Specific

Rental Specific

Accessing the Debug Pins

Removing the Pole

Remove the 4x Security Torx T25 screws or Hex Screws that hold the handlebar in place on the pole.

The handlebar screws in place.

Remove the 4x Security Torx T30 screws or Hex screws that hold the pole to the base.

The front pole screws in place.
The rearpole screws in place.

Accessing the BMS

Next, if you have one, remove the external battery.

Two screws hold the battery on the bracket.

These are either security hex or regular hex.

The two screws holding the external battery on the bracket.

This will expose 3 more screws.

Take care removing these screws as they strip very easily.

The 3 easily-strippable screws.

The bracket may be slightly stuck but once these 3 screws are out it can be removed.

If you do not have a bracket then you will have three screws holding the battery in place within the pole.

The 3 screws that hold the internal battery in place within the pole.

You will also have a charging port cover to remove.

Remove the top cover to reveal two screws holding the cover on.

The port cover removed.

Finally, one more screw holds the ESC in place on the pole.

The final screw holding the ESC in place within the pole.

Next comes arguably the most annoying part of the disassembly, removing the waterproofing grommets.

On the top and the bottom is two grommets that are twisted in place.

Press down hard with a large flathead screwdriver and twist counter-clockwise until the slots line up with the metal ridge within the pole.

Keep the grommets attached if you can.
The parts of the grommet.

In some cases, pushing the rubber inner part through the plastic retainer ring will make it easier to remove.

Attempt to keep the wires pushed through the rubber part.

Once both are separated the whole mechanism slides easily out of the pole unless the pole has been damaged or bent.

The battery/esc internals.

Dissassembling the Battery