Replace Ninebot ESX Kickstand

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This page covers how to replace the kickstand on the following models:

Ninebot ES1, Ninebot ES2, Ninebot ES3, Ninebot ES4, SNSC 1.0, SNSC 1.1.

Removing the Old Kickstand

Carefully peel back the footmat making sure not to tear the rubber.

The 3 screws underneath the footmat.

There are three hex/Allen M2.5/2.5mm machine screws holding the kickstand in place circled in red.

There are also two small self-tapping Phillips screws circled in orange.

Remove all of these and then carefully remove the old kickstand and kickstand well.

Securing the New Kickstand

Thread the new kickstand through the hole in the well as shown below.

The new kickstand facing away from the well.

Slide the new kickstand and original or new well, into the hole.

Lightly insert two of the hex machine screws, then the two self-tapping Phillips screws then tighten all of them.

The new kickstand secured into place.