Ninebot Max G30 Motor Generations

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Late in 2020/early 2021, Ninebot released a second version of the Max G30 motor.

For ESC/Control Board generations, check out Ninebot Max G30 ESC Generations.

Curious about what the differences between the Ninebot Max/G30 "Gen 1" vs "Gen 2" vs "Gen 3" vs "Gen 4" are?

Click the generation below to learn more about it.

This page is relevant to the following models:

All Prefixes

Motor SN Prefix Generation Models Max Speed (Full Battery) Max Speed (Empty Battery)
6 First Most models 32 km/h 26 km/h
9 Second G30P, Some G30Lx 38 km/h 32 km/h
5 Rental Most models Similar to 1st Gen Similar to 1st Gen
PCAH Third G30P - -
PAAH Third G30E - -
PADH Third G30D - -

Gen 1

The Gen 1 motor's SN (Serial Number) begins with ANC36350 followed by a 5 or a 6.

It has better torque and hill performance, but on stock voltage, it will only go up to 20 mph/30 kmh.

The top speed also drops rapidly with the battery level.

A Gen 1 Retail Motor.

Retail and rental motors are the same internally, they just have different starting serials.

A Gen 1 Rental Motor.

Gen 2

The Gen 2 motor's SN (Serial Number) begins with ANC36350 followed by a 9.

It is capable of faster speeds with worse torque/hill-climbing ability.

Some users have reported 22mph/35kmh+.

This battery is less prone to speed drop with battery usage.

The version of this motor that is intended for the Gen 2 ESC is sometimes called the Gen 3 motor.

The only difference between that version and this one is the screw terminals.

A Gen 2 Retail Motor.

Gen 3

The Gen 3 motor's SN (Serial Number) begins with AN36350 followed by PCAH or PADH.

This motor is very different as it is incompatible with earlier firmware/custom firmware, your base version must be 1.8.7 or above. To keep the flashing ability on these generations, flash a patched 1.8.7 or 1.8.8 or use SHFW.

The only custom firmware that supports this motor gen is ScooterHacking's SHFW or those based on DRV 1.8.7 or above.

Occasionally this motor is also called the Gen 4 motor, with some calling the versions of gen 1 and 2 motors with screw terminals the Gen 3.

A Gen 3 Retail G30D Motor with the PADH prefix.


Read more about the different motor types on ScooterHacking's Wiki.

  • PCAH - G30(P)
  • PADH - G30D
  • PAAH - G30E