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2017/09/08 : # 126. [GP] – Genius Project Prototype 1, Garage Door Opener

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2017/08/26 : # 125. [Arduino] – M5Stack (ESP32) Live Youtube Subscriber Counter

Displays the live subscriber counter on the built in IL9341 display. The M5 stack is based on the ESP32.

Download the code here: (See Rest of Post…)

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2017/08/19 : # 124. Newly redesigned

Over the last 2 weeks, I redesigned from this:

To the responsive design it now presents:

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2017/08/09 : # 123. [Arduino] – Whatpulse Live Stats Display

Using an ESP8266 based Wemos D1 Mini, and 2 MAX7219 Led Matrix Displays, I made this live updating(every 60 seconds) whatpulse stats display.

The displays are hooked up to the D1 mini in the same way as in this tutorial.

The code can be found on github.

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2017/08/07 : # 122. [Music] – Lensko Cetus Midi/Piano Cover

I skipped the second 6/8 time thing because it was already a difficult song.

Download: (See Rest of Post…)

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2017/06/13 : # 121. 2017 Sage Creek Track and Field Video

Video edited by Joey Babcock

Pictures: (See Rest of Post…)

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2017/04/05 : # 120. [Arduino] – ESP8266 Lifx Library Update! Change color and brightness of bulbs.


I’ve updated the library and examples to be able to support setting things like color, brightness, and other properties. (See Rest of Post…)

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2017/03/02 : # 119. Genius Project Post 3: Genius Project Pitches

Genius Project Pitches: What about your pitch are you  most looking forward to? What are you worried about? How is your pitch preparation going? What do you hope to get out of your pitch? What advice do you hope to gain from the people in your classroom?

For my pitch, I’m looking forward to pitching my idea to the class. I’m excited to receive their opinions on my project, and see what they think of it. I’m a bit worried about the presentation itself, as I’m not to great at the whole public speaking thing. I think that I’m probably stressing out a little too much about it, and I have given presentations before without an issue. I’m in the process of preparing my pitch, but it has been going slowly, as I have had a busy week with lots of homework. Earlier this week, I missed two days for the District Office meeting with CHS, and that set me back a bit since I have to make up my work now. I’m hoping that when I present to the class I can get an idea of potential pitfalls that my classmates foresee for my project. I also want to see if what I’m aiming to accomplish has been done before at all, (See Rest of Post…)

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2017/02/24 : # 118. [Music] – Cycerin Winterbliss ArduinoPlays Remix

Available on: (See Rest of Post…)

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2017/02/20 : # 117. Genius Project Post 2: Mentors

Prospective Mentors – why you chose them. What did you learn about them? Have you emailed them yet? Have they responded?

For my genius project, I chose 2 mentors that held knowledge that I lacked.

My first mentor was Kirt Danner from RPA.
He works for an advertising agency and knows lots about product life cycles. He could help me avoid common pitfalls faced with designing a product, as he has worked with many companies in the past.  He also hasexperienced firsthand starting from nothing, and building your way up. I have emailed him and am awaiting a response.

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2017/02/19 : # 116. FTC Robotics Team #9261 Velocity Vortex Judging Video Intro (2017)


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2017/02/08 : # 115. [Kahoot] – Kahoot “2 Step Join” How To

Kahoot’s “Two Step Join” feature was introduced recently to help classrooms keep unwanted kids off their kahoots. It works like this:

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