About Me

May 2nd, 2015

Joey Babcock (Me)

Me circa 2014.

About Me:

I am 19 years old, and a Computer Science student at UC Santa Cruz.

I’ve been programming since 8 or so, but I really began when I received my first Arduino Mega, at age 10. Since then, I’ve expanded my knowledge to learn a number of other languages for many different applications. These include primarily web design and backend languages, as well as a few others such as Java and C/C++(Arduino).

I attended Sage Creek High School for 4 years, from 2014-2018, and UC Santa Cruz

Computer Courses I’ve Taken:

  • In late 2015 to early 2016, I took a college-level computer science course on java offered by my school as a night course. I finished the class with 101.84% and got 125% on the final.
  • Starting late 2016 to early 2017, I took a high school level computer science course (a step back I suppose 😉 and got a 104% in it and a 121% on the final for the first trimester.

About This Site:

This site began as a place for me to experiment with my new-found enjoyment for web design in late 2010. I later put it online as joeybabcock.me in September of 2010, this site has endured countless crashes/hacks/downtime due in no small part to my small but ever-increasing knowledge of code. As of right now, it is on its 6th complete redesign and the 3rd server. This site is currently hosted by GoDaddy and uses WordPress for the blog, and a custom theme that I designed for the homepage.

Find me elsewhere:

You can usually find me under the username “Joeybab3”, but occasionally, especially if I registered a while ago, I’ll be under “Joeysfishtank”.

I am on the following sites:

Joeybab3 on GithubGithub – Joeybab3

twitter_32 Twitter – @Joeybab3(Great way to contact me)

ArduinoPlays YouTube – @ArduinoPlays (Music/piano covers)

JoeysTech YouTube – @JoeysTech (Technology Videos/Film)

ng_logoNewgrounds – @Joeybab3

soundcloudSoundCloud – Joey Babcock

Other Sites I Administer:



favicon Sagecreekasb.com




SCHS Senior Assassins


Sage Creek History


Sites That I’ve Designed:

The Sage Publication


Cobra Puma Golf Blog


Custom European Plates Blog



Programs I Use:

1. Fruity Loops Studio 12 – Writing/rendering songs (.FLP)

2. Synthesia 10 – Piano game, video part (.MID)

3. After Effects (Find cheaper and better alternatives 🙂 – Rendering video.

4. Adobe Dreamweaver – Possibly the most important program I have, a web design/code IDE for a number of different languages.

5. Fraps – Recording

6. OBS(Open Broadcaster Studio) – Recording (Better, also allows streaming and is free)


1. East-West Symphonic Gold Orchestra – Orchestral Sounds(VST)

2. Minecraft – Note Block videos (.SCHEMATIC Editor, See below)

3. MCEdit – Editing .SCHEMATIC files (.SCHEMATIC)

4. Arduino – Arduino videos (.C, .INO, .PDE)

5. Minecraft Note Block Studio – I know it’s hard to believe but I don’t hand place those blocks…(.NBS)


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