Ninebot ESX Error Code 32

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Error 32 on a Ninebot ESX.
"IoT Heartbeat error."

Though this error shows as "Undefined" in the Ninebot App, it has been revealed to be a rental firmware-only code.

If your Segway Ninebot ESX(ES1, ES2, ES3, or ES4) or Segway SNSC (1.0 or 1.1) is beeping or has a red wrench icon and flashes this code, read below.

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This code is caused only when a scooter is on rental firmware and can no longer detect the IoT device.

Be wary of buying any devices with this error code as they have a high likelihood of being stolen.

Proceed only if the seller has papers or some kind of document proving ownership.


Flash retail firmware to the scooter.