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80. Live Interactive PHP/Javascript Weather Script Update

cloud1cloud2 cloud3 cloud4


The clouds above change speed/color/count according to the actual weather for Carlsbad at the moment. I’ve changed a lot since the earlier versions, mainly there is now something for basically every type of weather. The clouds change type(color) depending on the type of weather, and speed depending on the wind speed.

See the original post here.



77. Sage Creek High School – Glass Logo

This is a little render of a glass version of our school’s logo for a website I’m working on. I made this in Cinema 4D, by converting a .png into some Adobe Illustrator outlines:



66. Arduino Touch Key Piano Example(BC548B)

You will need the following:

57. 250mw 650nm Red Burning Laser Altoids Build V2!

20150708_16592020150708_16594020150708_171914 (1)

Using banggood’s “200mw laser module“, A heat sink, a 16340 holder and battery, and a button, I made this. It puts out around 250mw and thanks to the heatsink, doesn’t have to turn off to cool.

36. Geometry Dash Wiki

This is a wiki for the game Geometry Dash by RobTop Games. If anyone wants to help contribute, feel free.

(Link removed since I no longer maintain it, read below)


34. Cross Country Mount Carmel Movin’ Shoes Score Lookup(2014)

I made this so you can lookup your score really easily:

33. Music Player/Visualizer

(Test#11:) Needs to be updated, no longer works :/

I made this a while ago as an Easter egg that would have a 1/10000 chance of triggering. I’ve since improved it, and it now stores the mp3 links so it can access them faster.

29. Javascript Drawing App

I made this mainly for the Custom Catloafs but, it was originally based off of PhpAcademy’s(Now called codecourse) video, how to make a Simple Drawing App. It features a canvas that can be drawn on with different colors, sizes, and shapes.Find it here: DrawerV2

19. Php Actual Weather Query Script

Download here

This is a simple script I made mostly based off of, to get it to work, go to This Url, and choose the airport (more…)

18. Flappy Loach

I added more characters it randomly selects between 6. I will add a character selection menu soon, and maybe a make your own character thing. Current list of characters are:

  • Pear
  • Loach
  • The Original Flappy Bird.
  • Flappy Ham
  • Flappy Error Message
  • And Flappy Nyan Cat
  • Flappy Ben
  • Flappy Foster

16. Loachcam will be down for possibly a few weeks.

I noticed that it was down, so I went to it and found it wasn’t powered on… I tried powering it on and realized it wasn’t charged so I tried a different charger, only to smell smoke… as soon as I pried the back cover off, the battery shot out of it and it had puffed up. So I have to order a new one on ebay and it may be a few weeks.