Live Interactive PHP/Javascript Weather Script Update

February 26th, 2016

cloud1cloud2 cloud3 cloud4


The clouds above change speed/color/count according to the actual weather for Carlsbad at the moment. I’ve changed a lot since the earlier versions, mainly there is now something for basically every type of weather. The clouds change type(color) depending on the type of weather, and speed depending on the wind speed.

See the original post here.


1. Grabs the current weather from yahoo weather api live, with a configurable zip code.

2. You can customize it for any weather displayable.

3. Clouds move according to wind speed, and change color based on the weather type.


1. Download the script

2. Include it in your page

3. Configure to your liking



cloud1Regular Clouds (Fair/Clear weather)

cloud2Cloudy weather

cloud3Dark clouds(Rain/light rain/fog)

cloud4Storm clouds(Snow/Thunderstorm)



Raindrops (light/heavy)

Snow (light/heavy)

Cloud speed (wind speed)


My site runs very slow, so I would recommend downloading the scripts onto your own server or CDN, rather than just using mine.




  1. Started keeping a changelog.


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