Wilshire Grand Center Photoshoot

August 6th, 2017

This past weekend, I was a Production Assistant for a photoshoot of the Intercontinental Los Angeles Wilshire Grand Hotel by photographer Asher Hung.

My name in the production book, unfortunately spelled wrong.

Unfortunately, they did spell my name wrong, but for my first time being a PA, that’s alright.

I am listed under Production Assistant as “Joe Babcock” in the Production Book.

During my time there, I assisted the photographer and the other staff in setting up shots.

We worked with a wide variety of support staff from designers to a drone pilot for this shoot.

The food setup that we created for one of the restaurants.

We did the shoot over the course of a few days, covering a huge set of different types of shots, from indoors to drone shots.

Below is a shot from “Spire73” which is the rooftop bar at the top of the building on floor 73.

The menu may have changed since we did the shoot as the building was not yet open.

Smores dish at Spire73

The “S’mores” dish on a serving table.

Many of the shots we took are still in use today (as of 2022) via Google Maps and promotional materials.


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