List of Ninebot Max G30 Serial Number Prefixes/Regions

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Different regions may have different laws around what speed limits and functions are allowed.

Ninebot uses the first 4 digits of the serial number, also called the region or serial prefix to determine the vehicle's behavior.

The 4th digit often determines this region, while the first 3 often begin with N4G.

Retail Prefixes

Prefix Region/Variant Max Speed Model
N4GS WW Max 30 km/h Ninebot G30P
N4GC EU Max 25 km/h Ninebot G30
N4GF ZN Max 25 km/h Ninebot G30Z
N4GE DE Max 20 km/h Ninebot G30D Blue
N4GP EU Max 25 km/h Ninebot G30E
N4GN WW Max Lite 30 km/h Ninebot G30LP
N4GA EU Max Lite 25 km/h Ninebot G30LE
N4GO EU Max Lite 25 km/h Ninebot G30LE
N4GM DE Max Lite 20 km/h Ninebot G30LD
N4GT AU Maserati MC 25 km/h Ninebot G30M
N4YC DE Seat Mó 20 km/h Ninebot G30D
NTG1 DE Audi EKS 20 km/h Ninebot G30D

Rental Prefixes

Brand Model Prefix
Lyft SNSC 2.0 N4LYL
Spin SNSC 2.0 N4LPL