How to Unbind/Fix “Vehicle Already Bound” Ninebot ESX

October 12th, 2020

When buying a Ninebot ESX(ES1, ES2, ES3, or ES4) used, sometimes the previous owner forgets to unbind the scooter from their account.

If you are using a Ninebot Max/G30/SNSC 2.0, use this tutorial. Functionally they are the same but the serial numbers are different.

If you are instead trying to unbind a device from Your Account even if you don’t have physical access to it, use this tutorial.

A scooter bound to a different account prevents the new owner from making changes using the Ninebot App.

Settings, units, and more are not able to be changed until the vehicle can be bound.

The account bind is based on the serial number of the ESC.

To fix it, you must simply change the serial number.

Ninebot IAP and Ninebot Flasher are both able to do this.

Open IAP on a Windows Computer with BLE, and find your device by pressing “scan now”.

Press "Scan now" to find your device.

Press “Scan now” to find your device.

If you are on BLE > 1.0.7 (i.e. 1.0.9) you will be prompted to “Press the power button to pair”.

The device will not pair until you press the button you use to power on the scooter/change mode/enable the headlight. Short press it and it should connect.

The prompt for encrypted BLE.

The prompt for encrypted BLE.

From here, open the tools menu

Open the "Tools" menu under "Utilities"

Open the “Tools” menu under “Utilities”

Press “Read SN”, and make note of your current SN.

Press “Read” next to “Change SN” and make note of the output.

Press “Change SN”, and change the last four digits, or change the whole number.

Changing the last 4 digits is usually all that’s needed, but sometimes you will need to change some or all of the four digits before the “C” part of the serial number.

If the app still says “Vehicle bound by xxxxxx”, you may need to change it again.



26 thoughts on "How to Unbind/Fix “Vehicle Already Bound” Ninebot ESX"

  1. Marcel says:

    Hi when I try go start scan it doesn’t seem to find any scooters what can I do

    1. joeybab3 says:

      What app are you trying to use?

  2. Lucifer says:

    Awesome job man. Took a few trys but got it going. Thank you so much.

    1. joeybab3 says:

      Awesome to hear you got it working!

  3. TimTheToolMan says:


    If you are never able to “Bind” your second-hand scooter to the Ninebot database, won’t any and all correspondance regarding that particular serial number device go to the “Bound” owner, rather than the “Physical” owner. I possess the scooter, and I have a hacked serial number that Segway-Ninebot are tolerating for now, but whats to keep them in the future from cleaning up their tool, and doing some validation of legitimate serial numbers from within the Segway=Ninebot tool, and where do I stand then ?

    Is there a way for the previous user / owner to unbind the scooter without having physical access to the scooter ? I have a case where the previous owner is asking me to tell them what they need to do, as they are willing to unbind the scooter, but they are on the other side of the country, and I don’t really want to pack up the scooter and ship it back and forth again to ensure that it was properly unbound when it was sold..

    1. joeybab3 says:

      Hey Tim,
      I agree with you 100%, the way ninebot does the whole linking process is awful in my opinion.
      There is nothing to keep them from implementing limits or doing checks on serial numbers.
      I personally avoid that app whenever possible for a number of reasons.
      I have written a little guide for people on the other side of this that want to remove a serial number from their account for whatever reason, you can see it here:

  4. jovie says:

    hi, i have a es2, and external battery is installed, now it is es4,
    my question is, do you know why is my top speed of standard and sport mode is same 25kph? i got two es4, the other one top speed is 30kph in sport mode

    1. joeybab3 says:

      Depending on what region each one has, the slow one might be different. It’s also possible the batteries arent balanced leading to the external being disabled. Try fully charging the internal before putting the external on.

  5. Jared weisblatt says:

    Well this work on a G30p? Thank you!

    1. joeybab3 says:

      Yes, I have a tutorial for the Max/G30 series as well if you would like:

  6. Kayden says:

    I hear the sound of the scooter that the serial number has changed but it says the serial number is the same

  7. ngl says:


  8. Senne says:

    Ive tried to use this method to unbind it from the previous user. But when i try to read the serial number it gives an error ‘you must be connected to a target’ even though in the upper part of the window it says that i am connected

    1. joeybab3 says:

      Which app are you using to do this?
      EDIT: Forgot this tutorial only covers IAP. Make sure you are using a Bluetooth dongle that supports BLE.
      If you are sure and it’s still not working you may want to look into some of the other methods using an android phone.

  9. Piero says:

    Hi I have this problem with Ninebot One S2 , I tried to use this tutorial but Ninebot IAP do not scan any BT device , do you have any suggestion ?

    1. joeybab3 says:

      This tutorial is for a Ninebot ESX, I am not sure how to do it on the other Ninebot vehicles as I do not own one sorry.

  10. Tom says:

    I had the same thing, you have to push the button on the scooter for it to actually connect.

    1. joeybab3 says:

      I’ve updated the post as I forgot to include a part about how that may be necessary, thanks!

  11. noa says:

    i keep getting the “you must be connected to a target” is this via bluetooth or is there an actual cable?

    1. joeybab3 says:

      It’s rare that ESX/SNSC scooters will have the cable as this was a rental-specific feature only for a few companies, so this is meant for Bluetooth.

      What type of scooter are you attempting to connect to?

  12. Jayk says:

    I have done this for an es4 and completely changed all the numbers but it still says bound. Help?

    1. joeybab3 says:

      Is it a foldable model?

  13. Jack M says:

    I have a segway x260 and i downloaded the software to try to unbind from the original owner and when i open the software and scan i cannot find my ebike on the search. Please help!

    1. joeybab3 says:

      I’m not sure that IAP supports the X260, and unfortunately, I don’t own one so I can’t advise.
      Sorry about that.

  14. Ken says:

    Do you have these for Mac as well? No PC here… Also, will these work for the NineBot S Plus and the NineBot MiniPro Transporters?

    1. joeybab3 says:

      Hi, I responded to your other comment on my other post but just in case you missed it:

      As of right now, there is not software for mac to be able to do this. As far as I know, only the scooters are supported.

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