How to Fix “Vehicle Already Bound” Ninebot ESX

October 12th, 2020

When buying a Ninebot ESX(ES1, ES2, ES3, or ES4) used, sometimes the previous owner forgets to unbind the scooter from their account.

If you are using a Ninebot Max/G30/SNSC 2.0, use this tutorial. Functionally they are the same but the serial numbers are different.

A scooter bound to a different account prevents the new owner from making changes using the Ninebot App.

Settings, units, and more are not able to be changed until the vehicle can be bound.

The account bind is based on the serial number of the ESC.

To fix it, you must simply change the serial number.

Ninebot IAP and Ninebot Flasher are both able to do this.

Open IAP on a Windows Computer with BLE, and find your device by pressing “scan now”.

Press "Scan now" to find your device.

Press “Scan now” to find your device.

From here, open the tools menu

Open the "Tools" menu under "Utilities"

Open the “Tools” menu under “Utilities”

Press “Read SN”, and make note of your current SN.

Press “Read” next to “Change SN” and make note of the output.

Press “Change SN”, and change the last four digits, or change the whole number.

Changing the last 4 digits is usually all that’s needed, but sometimes you will need to change some or all of the four digits before the “C” part of the serial number.

If the app still says “Vehicle bound by xxxxxx”, you may need to change it again.



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