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2016/01/21 : 77. Sage Creek High School – Glass Logo

This is a little render of a glass version of our school’s logo for a website I’m working on. I made this in Cinema 4D, by converting a .png into some Adobe Illustrator outlines:


How to make your own glass logo in Cinema 4D:

To make this, I got a png file from our school to start with, this works better with logos with only a few colors as you will have to do a repetitive process and each color adds more work:

(Recently updates from the .eps file so it’s much higher quality)

Then, I selected and separated all of each color in photoshop using the wand(w) tool:







(White, will be clear in picture)



Next in adobe fireworks, I made sure that all of each picture was the same color using the Replace Color Tool(snipping_tool).

Select the outlines in Photoshop, right click, and press “Make Work Path”.

Finally, press File->Export->Paths To Illustrator

and save them somewhere you’ll remember.

In Cinema 4D, import each outline, and place it under an “Extrude NURBS” Object. Give it a glass like material, and repeat for each color. That should be it, here are some other renders I was working on:




(adding cubes)


(zoomed out a bit, angle without lens flare)

Sage creek high School - Robotics Level Up FTC Team #9261

Robotics Logo

I later made this into a video and use it as the intro for various ASB videos:

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