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138. Noisestorm – Crab Rave Synthesia Midi Piano cover



136. [Music] – Waterflame – Jumper REDONE piano midi synthesia cover



135. [Music] – Sam Smith – Promises Piano midi synthesia



134. [Music] – David Orr – Four Brave Champions/Castle Crashers Theme midi piano synthesia



122. [Music] – Lensko Cetus Midi/Piano Cover

I skipped the second 6/8 time thing because it was already a difficult song.

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121. 2017 Sage Creek Track and Field Video

Video edited by Joey Babcock

Pictures: (more…)

116. FTC Robotics Team #9261 Velocity Vortex Judging Video Intro (2017)


112. [Film] – Yo No Fui (Spanish Project) Telenovela

This was my submission as a Spanish project for Spanish 3B.


108. 2016 Sage Creek Cross Country Video

This was 2016’s highlights of Sage Creek High School’s Cross Country Team.

97. [Film] – Sage Creek Student Life (E01)

I figured I should probably start posting the occasional videos I make for different usually school related functions.


75. 2015 Sage Creek Cross Country Video

2015’s Sage Creek High School’s Cross Country Highlights Video

Edited by Joey Babcock

50. 2015 Sage Creek Track And Field Video

Sage Creek High School Track and Field video.

Produced by: Joey Babcock

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