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125. [Arduino] – M5Stack (ESP32) Live Youtube Subscriber Counter

Displays the live subscriber counter on the built in IL9341 display. The M5 stack is based on the ESP32.

Download the code here: (more…)

123. [Arduino] – Whatpulse Live Stats Display

Using an ESP8266 based Wemos D1 Mini, and 2 MAX7219 Led Matrix Displays, I made this live updating(every 60 seconds) whatpulse stats display.

The displays are hooked up to the D1 mini in the same way as in this tutorial.

The code can be found on github.

120. [Arduino] – ESP8266 Lifx Library Update! Change color and brightness of bulbs.


I’ve updated the library and examples to be able to support setting things like color, brightness, and other properties. (more…)

113. Genius Project Post 1: Overview

Image result for genius project

The Concept: For the 2016-2017 school year, we are embarking on what our school calls the “Genius project” derived from Google’s “20 time” concept. It is the concept of giving people 20% of their work time to do what they want. While this might sound like just an excuse for students to slack off during English class, there are some restrictions. Students must choose a topic that advances society in some way, and work on it through senior year.

My Project:  (more…)

110. [Music] – Waterflame – The Race Around The World 8-Bit Remix

This is Waterflame’s “The Race Around The World” Performed by an 8-bit microcontroller.



99. [Arduino] – ESP8266 Based SONOS Browser Controller

esp8266  sonos-logo

The esp serves up a web page that can be used to control your sonos from anything that can support a browser. It’s a work in progress, and I’ll keep updating as I see fit.



87. [Music] – Waterflame – Sky Fortress 8-Bit Remix

I couldn’t use my fun little led light show one because there were too many notes for it to handle, so I used the mega, and made my own show… Also, where it seems like some notes are “missing”, they just were cut off for some reason, don’t worry though, they’ll be there in the piano version.

This one seemed like it would be cool to do on an arduino, so I did!

57. 250mw 650nm Red Burning Laser Altoids Build V2!

20150708_16592020150708_16594020150708_171914 (1)

Using banggood’s “200mw laser module“, A heat sink, a 16340 holder and battery, and a button, I made this. It puts out around 250mw and thanks to the heatsink, doesn’t have to turn off to cool.

47. ICStation 8 RGB Full Color LED Light Water Module For Arduino AVR


This 8 rgb led module is 3.43 on sale now from icstation but you can use my coupon code “icsJoey” for an additional 15% off. It took me FOREVER to find any information about this since it wasn’t posted anywhere but here it goes:


8. [Music] – Martin Garrix – “Animals” {MIDI to Arduino conversion}

Here is a converted version of Martin Garrix’s “Animals”, Post other ones you want me to do in the comments.



4. [Music] – Avicii – Wake Me Up 8-Bit Remix(On Arduino)

Here’s the code for Avicii wake me up. Post in the comments what other ones you want me to do.



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