250mw 650nm Red Burning Laser Altoids Build V2!

July 9th, 2015

Using Banggood’s “200mw laser module“, A heat sink, a 16340 holder and battery, and a button, I made this. It puts out around 250mw and thanks to the heatsink and doesn’t have to turn off to cool.

The module has a built-in driver so it can be powered straight from the battery.

The finished product

The finished product, featuring one 16340 battery in a holder, a small diode and heatsink, and a tactile push button.

Front view of the device

The Altoids laser as viewed from the front.

The device when powered on

The Altoids laser when turned on

The laser with the case fully closed.

The case is still able to close fully and still maintain operation.

Back view of the deviec

The back of the device could use a little work. Tightening the bolts scratched up the ink, so I may paint it in the future.

Fully powered on

Here’s what it looks like on and firing.


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