Ninebot NEE1009-W

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The Ninebot NEE1009-W (frequently referenced as the 1kwh pack) is the expanded capacity version of the swappable Ninebot NEE1006-M.

The Ninebot NEE1009-W via Segway[1].

This battery was designed to be used in removable battery scooters such as the SNSC 2.2, SNSC 2.3, and SNSC 2.4.

There are removable batteries by Ninebot offering more or less range such as the Ninebot NFCP3628B, and the Ninebot NFAF3618A.

The lower-capacity version is the Ninebot NEE1006-M1.


Original specs via Segway.

Ninebot NEE1009-W
Dimensions 425.7mm×121.6mm×80mm
Weight 7.3kg (16.1 lbs)
Rated Capacity 27.9Ah
Rated Power 1004Wh
Battery Voltage 36 VDC
Charging Voltage 42 VDC
Charging Temperature 32–104°F (0–40°C)
Range* 110km
Cells Used SAMSUNG-32E
Cell Size 18650
Waterproof Rating IPX7

Range*: Max plus, 25 degrees C, windless, 75kg weight, 16km/h measured at a consistent speed.

BMS Firmware

This battery is based on the STM32 (STM32G030) MCU and is NOT compatible with standard STM8(STM8L151) G30 BMS Firmware.

Though some custom firmware solutions exist to allow this battery to function in retail vehicles, most solutions involve a BMS bypass which comes with safety issues.

These batteries often have a PCB-NEB1009-W-V0.3 board for their BMS.

Serial Prefix/Regions

  • NEE1009-W - BPECV
  • NEE1009-W v0.3 - BAAA2
  • NEE1009-W v0.3 - BABB2