Ninebot NEE1006-M

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The Ninebot NEE1006-M is non-removeable battery intended for the Ninebot G30P.

It is the non-removable version of the Ninebot NEE1006-M1.

The Ninebot NEE1006-M via Segway[1].


Original specs via Segway.

Ninebot NEE1006-M
Dimensions 423mm×130mm×78mm
Weight 6kg
Rated Capacity 15.3Ah
Rated Power 551Wh
Battery Voltage 36 VDC
Charging Voltage 42 VDC
Charging Temperature 32–104°F (0–40°C)
Range* 60km
Cells Used EVE / FAR EAST
Cell Size 18650
Waterproof Rating IPX7

Range*: Max plus, 25 degrees c, windless, 75kg weight, 16km/h measured at a consistent speed.

BMS Firmware

This battery is based on the STM8L151K6 family of MCU and is compatible with standard G30 BMS Firmware.

Most use the pcb-nee1006-m-v0.5 layout, with some using the older N1006_DESAY_25R009.

You can find more info about this firmware by viewing the Ninebot Max/G30 STM8 BMS Firmware Index.