The Ninebot NEB1002-U1 is the optional external battery intended for the Ninebot E25 scooters.

The Ninebot NEB1002-U1 via Segway[1].


Original specs via Segway.

Ninebot NEB1002-U1
Rated Capacity 5.9Ah/5960mAh
Rated Power 215Wh
Battery Voltage 36 VDC
Charging Voltage 42 VDC
Charging Temperature 32–104°F (0–40°C)
Cells Used EVE / FAR EAST
Cell Size 18650


This battery is only compatible with the Ninebot E25 series scooters (Ninebot E25A, Ninebot E25D, Ninebot E25E).

All other external battery models use the Ninebot NEB1002-H1.