Ninebot Max G30 Tire Pressure Guide

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Proper tire pressure is a bit of a debated topic in regard to the Ninebot Max.

The official guide claims that your tire should be inflated to 32-37 PSI. The tires themselves say 55 PSI max on the side. Proper tire pressure generally depends on the desired end outcome. For the best speed, you want closer to 55PSI, while for more comfort to absorb small impacts, you would want it closer to what ninebot recommends.

I personally run all mine at 45PSI as I am able to get the speeds while never having any blowouts or pinch flats.

ScooterHacking's Recommendations

The guide from the ScooterHacking Discord.

ScooterHacking's recommendations are based on rider weight and are as follows:

ScooterHacking G30(G30P, G30D, G30E) Tire Pressure Guide
Rider Weight (kg) Rider Weight (lbs) Pressure (PSI) Pressure (ATM)
< 75kg < 155lbs 37 PSI 2.5 ATM
70kg-90kg 155lbs-200lbs 44 PSI 3 ATM
90kg-100kg 200lbs-220lbs 51 PSI 3.5 ATM
100+ kg 220+ lbs 59 PSI 4 ATM