Ninebot Max DRV 1.6.13

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The update message for DRV 1.6.13 from the Segway-Ninebot app.

Firmware is the "operating system" of the different parts of the scooter.

To view all firmware files for the Ninebot Max, visit Ninebot Max/G30 Firmware.

DRV firmware is responsible for the ESC and the driving performance of the vehicle.

DRV firmware is also known as ESC (Electronic Speed Control) or "Master Control" firmware.

DRV 1.6.13 (shows up as DRV 1.7.3 in some apps) was the sixth update for the Ninebot Max.

It was also the first Max DRV version to feature lockout protection.

Official Changelog

1. Improve the stability of electronic brake
2. Change: when the vehicle is locked, the vehicle is still locked after 3 hours of automatic shutdown.
3. Fixed known issues and optimized user experience.

User Notes

This version checks for a special sequence at the start of the file and prevents flashing if it does not exist.

In order to downgrade to lower versions, ScooterHacking Utility must be used to flash the compatibility fix.

This check has been removed in the versions linked below.


note: SH uses 1.7.3 primarily while Segway-Ninebot uses 1.6.13.

Zip:, Format: CFW ZipV2 Format

Bin: DRV173.bin, Format: CFW Bin Format

Encoded Bin: DRV173.bin.enc, Format: CFW Encoded Bin Format