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ScooterHacking Utility (Also known as just Utility, SHUT or just SHU) is an Android app by the ScooterHacking (SH) team.

It can be used to configure supported scooters and flash new/custom firmware to them.

Utility is the only app capable of flashing SHFW.


SHU can be downloaded from two official locations.

See the main page at for official updates and info.

Supported Models

  • Ninebot ESx (ES1, ES2, ES3, ES4, SNSC 1.0, SNSC 1.1)
  • Ninebot E2x (E22, E25)
  • Ninebot E4x (E45)
  • Ninebot Max/G30 (G30, SNSC 2.0)
  • Ninebot F (F20, F25, F30, F35, F40, F45, F60, F65)
  • Ninebot T15
  • Ninebot D
  • Ninebot P100
  • Xiaomi M365
  • Mi Electric Scooter 3
  • Mi Electric Scooter Pro
  • Mi Electric Scooter Pro2
  • Mi Electric Scooter 1S
  • Mi Electric Scooter Lite

Firmware Support

SHU can flash firmware to vehicles that don't have firmware updates with downgrade protection.

This includes the following:


ScooterHacking utility is currently the only way to flash SHFW.

SHFW is a custom firmware developed by the ScooterHacking team, see main SHFW article for more info.