Site Wide Updates

October 6th, 2014

The main change is implementing a WORKING login system. Other major changes include:

1. Breadfish Fixed. It stopped working for a bit there.

2. Flappy Loach added Money+Shop.

3. Weather Script, added thunder + clouds.

Full list:

The first changelog for sitewide updates.
The main change I implemented is a working login system. Some of you may have tried to register and realized it didn’t work. Now, it is fully functional, and has lots of features:
1. Based off of:
2. Stores account based money & xp fromĀ flappy loach.
3. Only asks for zip-code for weather-related things(clouds and such).
4. Friends system (in progress).
New changes to weather system:
1. Clouds
2. Lightning
3. Fixed SimpleXML errors
New changes to Flappy Loach:
1. Too many to post here, go to the official update log.


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