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2014/05/01 : # 18. Flappy Loach

I added more characters it randomly selects between 6. I will add a character selection menu soon, and maybe a make your own character thing. Current list of characters are:

  • Pear
  • Loach
  • The Original Flappy Bird.
  • Flappy Ham
  • Flappy Error Message
  • And Flappy Nyan Cat
  • Flappy Ben
  • Flappy Foster

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# 17. Attiny(85) Projects

Around the web you can find cool projects that people have made, but even a simple Google search returns only single results. I want to compile as many as I can find here. Post your’s in the comments and I’ll add them.

1. Control 16 Seven Segment Displays With One ATTINY85:

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2014/04/24 : # 16. Loachcam will be down for possibly a few weeks.

I noticed that it was down, so I went to it and found it wasn’t powered on… I tried powering it on and realized it wasn’t charged so I tried a different charger, only to smell smoke… as soon as I pried the back cover off, the battery shot out of it and it had puffed up. So I have to order a new one on ebay and it may be a few weeks.

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# 15. JavaScript Tutorial Part 3, Interacting With The Page.

So far, you’ve learned the basics; variables, and formatting. But how do you use those? This section will explain.
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2014/04/16 : # 14. JavaScript Tutorial Part 2, Variables.

1. Variables.

Variables store values such as text, numbers, or objects. Variables are either declared and than later set, or can be set when they are declared.
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# 13. Javascript Tutorial Part 1, Foreword, Making your first script.

JavaScript is used on almost every website big and small. It can be used to move items, sense clicks, key types, addresses typed, and almost every other action on a website.
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2014/04/12 : # 12. Sorry about the videos.

UPDATE: I have started to re-film the videos one by one, under a new username.

Yes, I am aware the videos are not working. This is because YouTube flagged them as copyright… That’s right, they thought that I was using copyright music so they disabled my account… I lost the videos because I didn’t think I would need to keep them since they were already on YouTube, so I’ll have to re-film them when I get the time.

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2014/03/23 : # 11. Buzz Javascript Sound

Buzz Javascript Sound Library.

This is possibly the easiest way to implement sound using javascript. I used it in Flappy Loach. Sounds can be played using simple methods such as “;”, volume can be set by using the function “sound1.setVolume(volume);”, and many other simple methods.

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2014/03/01 : # 10. Flappy Loach

This is a loachified version of Flappy bird.


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2014/02/06 : # 9. [Music] One Republic – “Secrets” {MIDI to Arduino conversion}


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# 8. [Music] – Martin Garrix – “Animals” {MIDI to Arduino conversion}

Here is a converted version of Martin Garrix’s “Animals”, Post other ones you want me to do in the comments.


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2014/01/20 : # 7. Hello and Welcome.

As my first post, I’ll explain what you’re here for… For the most part, I’ll just be posting stuff im working on, if you are looking for arduino-related, you can find that HERE. I enjoy programming my arduino, and working on my fish tank. So as you can guess I combine those hobbies to create things like this.

(Keep in mind I filmed this 2 years ago…)

**Going this far back will result in pages like this that link to stuff that doesn’t work anymore…

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