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2014/08/19 : # 30. Minecraft Note Block Studio (MCNBS) Mac Version

I was tired of using it on a windows-running mac so heres a .app download.

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# 29. Javascript Drawing App

I made this mainly for the Custom Catloafs but, it was originally based off of PhpAcademy’s(Now called codecourse) video, how to make a Simple Drawing App. It features a canvas that can be drawn on with different colors, sizes, and shapes.Find it here: DrawerV2

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2014/08/18 : # 28. Flappy Loach

More Character Choose options:

You can now also choose the character by adding ?char=(character) so ?char=1 is loach ?char=2 is bird and so on.

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2014/08/13 : # 27. Sorry for the assorted downtimes…

I almost forgot to renew my website. In addition the server my website runs of of ( just added https and it messed everything up, I had to get a new ip address which messed up a number of other things…

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2014/08/03 : # 26. Site-Wide Update 0.0.1

The first changelog for sitewide updates.
The main change I implemented is a working login system. Some of you may have tried to register and realized it didn’t work. Now, it is fully functional, and has lots of features:
1. Based off of:
2. Stores account based money & xp from flappy loach.
3. Only asks for zip-code for weather-related things(clouds and such).
4. Friends system (in progress).
New changes to weather system:
1. Clouds
2. Lightning
3. Fixed SimpleXML errors
New changes to Flappy Loach:
1. Too many to post here, go to the official update log.

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# 25. Maps Views

I made another Spheremap, this time for Poinsettia Park. So far I only have 7 spheres, but I’ll add more as I can.

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2014/07/22 : # 24. Google Maps Views How To Force Update Constellation Title

When I was first starting out, I just tried to put all of the titles in as quickly as I could since I was running low on battery. After I made the constellations, I realized that the titles looked unprofessional(they were lowercase). I went in and fixed the titles, but the constellations still had the old titles. Here is how to fix that.
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2014/07/18 : # 23. The Oddessy Questions

Questions and answers for Sage Creek “The Oddessey” Summer Reading Assignment.

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2014/07/10 : # 22. Google Maps Views

Lately I have been getting into using the “surround photo” downloadable function on my s5. It creates photospheres which are like panoramas but you can view up and down. While I was in Hawaii, I looked it up to find some of other peoples and discovered google has a sharing-social network type feature in maps. I uploaded them to my profile and connected them using the connect images button. You can see them on my profile at

One of the coolest functions in Maps Views, is the ability to create “constellations”, or maps of connected photos. I made a giant one consisting of around 50 separate spheres at my hotel. You can see it below.

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2014/06/01 : # 21. Javascript Three.js Visualizer With Nyan Stars!

Using Three.js, Jquery, JavaScript, and some stolen star code from NYAN.CAT, I made an audio visualizer that shows volume(I think? if not please correct me).  You can view the source at Git-hub. The stars appear when an instrument strikes a note (cello by default, but you can set it using the i= parameter). Here’s my user GUI for the settings: LONGER WORKS)

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2014/05/09 : # 20. “Pirates Of The Caribbean Medley” {MIDI to Arduino conversion}

My longest conversion to date.


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2014/05/08 : # 19. Php Actual Weather Query Script

Download here

This is a simple script I made mostly based off of, to get it to work, go to This Url, and choose the airport (See Rest of Post…)

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