Waterflame – Time Machine (Redone) Piano Midi Synthesia Cover

August 22nd, 2016

I enjoyed doing this one, the main riff is awesome!

Including the original clips from “The time machine” where the vocals come from.
#1 “This is a time machine” @ 1:28 is from 11:00 in the movie,
#2 “I wonder, now here is the most important question, to which I hope to find an answer. Can man control his destiny? Can he change the shape of things to come?” @ 1:58 is at 11:26 in the movie.

I can link the original video samples below if needed.

Project Started: 2016-03-07
Ended: 2016-08-22
Total time spent: 3 hours 1 mins
Notes: 2852


{ .MP3, .MID, .OGG }



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