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28. Flappy Loach

More Character Choose options:

You can now also choose the character by adding ?char=(character) so ?char=1 is loach ?char=2 is bird and so on.

18. Flappy Loach

I added more characters it randomly selects between 6. I will add a character selection menu soon, and maybe a make your own character thing. Current list of characters are:

  • Pear
  • Loach
  • The Original Flappy Bird.
  • Flappy Ham
  • Flappy Error Message
  • And Flappy Nyan Cat
  • Flappy Ben
  • Flappy Foster

10. Flappy Loach

This is a loachified version of Flappy bird.



2. Flappy loach

Flappy Loach
I Finished the first public release of Flappy Loach Today!

Play the web version and the (experimental) android app or Flappy Nathan. Report errors and see updates.

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