STLink Ninebot Max BLE

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In the case of a bricked BLE/Dashboard/Display, STLinking can save the it from needing to be replaced in some instances.

For this process, you will need:

  • Windows computer
  • STLink (Decent quality clones will work)
  • Tools to disassemble the scooter and access the parts
  • Dupont male/female jumper cables

This process can be dangerous if done incorrectly so take caution when performing these steps and make sure you use a computer you are comfortable possibly destroying.

If you short a battery line you could end up blowing up your STLink, Computer, and more or even causing a fire.

For the Ninebot ESX Series/SNSC 1.0, use the guide at: STLink Ninebot ESX BLE.

Remove the Dashboard

On the top of the display, there are 3 Security Torx T10 screws holding the dashboard cover in place.

The screws holding the dashboard cover in place.

Once these are removed, the dashboard cover can be removed, exposing the dashboard.

There may be one or more screws of several different types (most likely small Phillips head screws) holding the dashboard in place.

The screws holding the dashboard in place.

If your plug is not easily accessible to remove the dashboard, you will have to take out the headlight.

6 screws of either Hex/Allen M3/3mm or Security Torx T25 hold the handlebar on the pole.

The 6 screws holding the handlebar on the pole.