Wyse 5060 RAM Upgrade

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This page shows how to upgrade the RAM on the Dell Wyse 5060/N07D.


To start, 3 longer screws hold the front cover in place. Use a small Phillips head screwdriver to remove them.

The 3 screws to remove.

Next slide the front cover off. All screws past this point will be the same going forward.

Push down lightly and then slide the front cover off.

Underneath the front panel are 5 screws holding on a structural/protective cover. Remove these and slide the cover in the direction of the arrow etched on the board.

The 5 screws to remove the protective panel.

Once the panel is removed, you can unplug the attached speaker to fully remove it or set the panel aside.

Two screws hold a heat shield on top of the two ram slots.

The 2 screws hold the heat shield in place.

Once the heat shield is removed, the ram should be visible. To access it more easily, remove the front IO ports. 3 Phillips screws hold the ports in place.

The 3 screws hold the IO ports in place.

To get the bottom ram stick in, bend just the plastic front port cover out a little then push down on the ram stick until it clicks into place. This should not require much force.

The IO port can be moved out of the way to allow the bottom ram stick to be inserted.

From here reassemble the device and test to make sure both sticks appear.