Ninebot Max G30 Replace Valve Stem

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If your tire no longer holds air and a soap bubble test leads you to believe it is caused by a torn valve stem, this page will show you how to replace it.

Begin by removing the valve stem cap (if it is still present), then press the center core to remove as much remaining air as possible.

The torn valvestem with the cap removed.

Once you've done this, use tire irons to push down hard on the tire and get one under the rim near the center of the valve stem.

The tire still on the rim. You will need to debead the tire in order to access the valve stem and replace it.

Attach a valve stem extender in order to keep the valve stem steady and pull it through.

If you have lubricating valve stem grease, now is the time to apply it.

The valve stem extender installed.

Next, pull the valve stem through until you feel it pop into place.

The bottom lip of the valve stem should now be the only part visible.

The valve stem fully reinstalled.

Next, push the tire back onto the rim as best you can, your goal is only to make as airtight of a seal as you can, you don't need to get it all the way back on.

The tire is firmly on the rim, but not all the way rebeaded.

Finally, use an air pump or ideally an air compressor to fill the tire back up to 45PSI.

You should see the tire "pop" back into place.

The tire rebeading.

From here make sure the pressure is correct and reinstall the valve cap.

The tire successfully reinstalled.