Ninebot Max Error Code A0

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Error A0 on a Ninebot Max, the 'error' displays on both the SNSC 1.0 and the SNSC 2.0 when the battery is full.

Error "A0" is not actually an error.

This page documents Error A0 for the Ninebot G30, G30P, G30D as well as the rental models SNSC 2.0, and SNSC 2.1.

For the ESX/SNSC 1.0+, see Ninebot ESX Error Code A0.

If your Ninebot Max is beeping or has a red wrench icon and flashes this code, read below.

If you clicked the wrong error code, go back to the Error Code Index.

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If your scooter displays "A0" and isn't charging anymore it's because your scooter is fully charged.

The "A" is the equivalent of "10" in hexadecimal, so you have 10 0 or 100% charged.

You likely installed firmware on your scooter with "show battery percentage while idle" enabled.

This is on by default in SHFW.


There is nothing you need to do as this isn't an issue.

It just means your scooter is fully charged.

If it bothers you you can flash stock firmware to the BLE and DRV/ESC to remove this functionality.