Ninebot Max BLE 1.1.8

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The update message for BLE 1.1.8 from the Segway-Ninebot app (cut off due to length, full message below).

Firmware is the "operating system" of the different parts of the scooter.

To view all firmware files for the Ninebot Max, visit Ninebot Max/G30 Firmware.

BLE firmware is responsible for the dashboard and its Bluetooth communications.

It stands for Bluetooth Low Energy but is also referred to as the dashboard/display firmware.

BLE 1.1.8 was the fifth known BLE update for the max.

Official Changelog

1. For some models, the initial starting 3 speed setting for adjusting the throttle knob is added in the App vehicle settings. If the starting speed is less than 3km/h, it will automatically enter the P gear mode 3 in 6s under static state. Press the brake to release the P gear mode and then ride.

*Due to local laws and regulations, this function cannot be added to 3 other models, which is subject to whether the App vehicle setting interface is displayed.

User Notes

This BLE seems to have been released in tandem with Ninebot Max DRV 1.8.7 and claims to allow users to set the start speed, a feature that has been in Custom Firmware (CFW) for years.


Scooterhacking has not yet dumped this version.