Fix Ninebot ESX Blown Onboard Fuse

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Older versions of the ESC for the Ninebot ESX series scooter would often blow an E-fuse and fail to reset, resulting in a dim display and lower power when the headlight was powered on.

To fix it, the fuse must be bypassed.

To check if you have this issue, turn your scooter on and see if turning on the headlight dims the display.


*Note: this page uses information derived from here.

The fuse that causes this issue can be found in the area below, just next to the orange dashboard connector:

The white diode marked B is the electronic fuse(E-Fuse).

The fuse itself is the small black and white part soldered above the larger black inductor.


To bypass it, a drop of solder may be placed bridging both sides of the part.

Once this has been done, reconnect the battery, dashboard, and motor data cable in order to test that the headlight no longer dims the display.

If the scooter runs too much current, the fuse is bypassed and this will cause damage.

Because of this, if your soldering skills are up to it, replace the fuse.


Rather than placing a blob of solder onto the part, desolder it completely and solder a replacement part on.

If this can be done, it is a better option.