Ninebot Max DRV 1.6.3

Firmware is the "operating system" of the different parts of the scooter.

The update message for DRV 1.6.3 from the Segway-Ninebot app.

To view all firmware files for the Ninebot Max, visit Ninebot Max/G30 Firmware.

DRV firmware is responsible for the ESC and the driving performance of the vehicle.

DRV firmware is also known as ESC (Electronic Speed Control) or "Master Control" firmware.

DRV 1.6.3 was the fifth update for the Ninebot Max.

Official Changelog

1. Optimize firmware compatibility
2. Improve firmware stability[1]

User Notes


Zip:, Format: CFW ZipV2 Format

Bin: DRV163.bin, Format: CFW Bin Format

Encoded Bin: DRV163.bin.enc, Format: CFW Encoded Bin Format