PLTW Activity 1.2.2 Introducing App Inventor Walkthrough

October 6th, 2016

Hello, this is a walk through for activity 1.2.2: “Activity 1.2.2 Introducing App Inventor”.

First, start by downloading this file:

Next, go to¬†, and hit “Create Apps”

Once you sign in and go through all the messages, click “Projects”->”Import projects (.aia) From my computer…” and select the file you just downloaded.


Once it uploads, you should see this screen:


Click and drag a slider from the user interface bar to your left over under the text “Drag below to draw circles”


Press rename to your bottom right under components, and change the name to “green_Slider1”. Do this one more time and rename it to “blue_Slider1”.


Once you do this and have 3 sliders, click “Blocks” to your upper right to enter block code edit mode.


Right click on the box labeled “initialize global red to 127” and right click.


Press “Duplicate” twice. Now change two of those blocks to read “initialize global green to 127” and “initialize global blue to 127”.


Finally, in the large block of code, remove the two blue pieces labeled “127” and duplicate the “get global red” piece twice. Change two to read “get global green” and “get global blue”.

Finally, duplicate the block labeled “when red_Slider1 PositionChanged” twice.


Change the two that you just made to green, and blue. Your final code should look like this.



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