How to Change Region Ninebot Max/G30

December 11th, 2020

Region locks are one way that Ninebot Max scooters can be speed limited.

This tutorial is similar to the one for Ninebot ESX Series.

Often the max speed is set through a serial number prefix.

In order to change your vehicle’s region and unlock its max speed, change the 4th digit of your serial number.

Below is a list of serial prefixes and their effect on max speed and vehicle app appearance, courtesy of myself and FoxMaster at ScooterHacking.

Choose the one corresponding to the region you want.

    • is limited to 25 kmh/15.5 mph (G30)
    • is limited to 30kmh/18.6 mph (G30)
    • E is limited to 20 kmh/12.4 mph(G30D blue)
    • is limited to 20 kmh/12.4 mph (G30D yellow)
    • S is limited to 30 kmh/18.6 mph (G30P)


On Windows, there are two main apps that can easily be used to change the Serial prefix.

Ninebot IAP and Ninebot Flasher are based on similar code-bases but have different GUI’s.

Ninebot IAP makes it a little easier to change a serial due to its one-click buttons for changing SN.

Both applications require your computer to have BLE support unless you are using serial for IAP.

Ninebot IAP

Ninebot IAP is an app developed by

Download it here.

Once you have it installed, open it and press the “Start scan” button.

Select your device in the menu and press “Connect”.

It may ask you to press the power button to pair, in this case, short press the button that you would normally use to power it on or toggle the headlight.

A successful connection showing version numbers.

If it shows version numbers in the “Installed Firmware” box, you have successfully connected.

From here head to the “Tools” menu under “Utilities”.

Press “Read” in the “ESC Serial Number” panel.


A successful serial number read. Make note of it.

Next, press “Change SN” and type your serial number out exactly as it was before, but change the 4th digit to the prefix you chose above.

In my case, that would be changing the D after N4G to a if I wanted the speed to be limited to 25 kmh.

Changing the serial prefix from a 'D' to a 'C'.

Changing the serial prefix from a ‘D’ to a ‘C’.

Press “OK”, then you should hear your scooter beep twice in quick succession.

To confirm it has successfully changed, press “Read” again and you should see your new serial.

A successful change.

A successful change.

Test the new speed or appearance in the app and it should be good to go.


Ninebot-Flasher is available from the Microsoft store.

Download it here.

Once installed, press “Start Scan” and select the device you want to flash by clicking “Connect”.

Click "Start Scan" then "Connect" once you've found your scooter.

Click “Start Scan” then “Connect” once you’ve found your scooter.

It will likely prompt you to “Press the power button to pair”.

Press the power button briefly to connect.

Press the power button briefly to connect.

Short press the button that you would normally use to power it on or toggle the headlight.

You will know the connection is successful if the greyed out buttons become white and your Serial Number is printed in the console.

Successful connection.

A successful connection as shown by the serial number in the console.

Copy that number down somewhere.

Click on the text box to the left of “SendCmd” and then press Ctrl + alt + a on your keyboard.

You should now have more options as shown below.

pressing Ctrl + alt + a will open advanced options.

Pressing Ctrl + alt + a will open advanced options.

Paste your old serial in the box but change the 4th digit to the serial prefix you selected above.

Here I have the fastest prefix S and am changing it to a 25kmh prefix C but you may be interested in speed limiting your scooter whether for a child or to avoid legal issues.

Changing my "S" prefix to a "C" which will have a 25kmh speed limit.

Changing my “S” prefix to a “C” which will have a 25kmh speed limit.

Press “Write ESC Sn” twice and your new region should be set.

Successful region change.

Successful region change.



XiaoFlasher is available from the Google Play Store and here is how to use it to change your region.

Download it here.

Once installed, give it permission to access files and “Location”.

XiaoFlasher just needs location access in order to use Bluetooth which we need for this tutorial.

On the next screen, agree to the TOS and close the changelog.

Click on the name of your device to connect.

If XiaoFlasher has successfully connected you will see firmware version numbers on the upper right-hand side.


Press "Change Region"

Press “Change Region”

Once successfully connected, press “Change Region”.

In this menu select the region you would like.

Region options in XiaoFlasher

Region options in XiaoFlasher

The developer has made a 30s wait time and an ad that you must watch in order to change the region.

Once you have sat through that and likely decided to use another app in the future, you will hear the scooter beep twice indicating a successful region change.


There is currently only one application for iPhone/iOS to change a serial number or flash firmware and it’s still in beta as if the time this post was written.

You will need Testflight to install it, but this link should install it if you don’t.

Download Scooter Companion



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