Synthesia Midi File Improvements

September 27th, 2015

The creator of synthesia recently added a couple of cool features and combined with a few tools I made, you can make some great songs!

For the following you need a few things, you will need synthesia metadata editor and a midi file.

You can get:

Synthesia metadata editor here:

And a sample midi file here:

1: Change song properties

Open metadata editor and click add song:

Screenshot 2015-09-26 22.19.24

Choose your song and click on the file name in the top left corner:

Screenshot 2015-09-26 22.25.06

Now you can change things such as:

Song name, this will make it display something other than the filename

Background, This will give the song a custom background when played! See below for an example.

Composer/Arranger will show at the beginning

Once you’re done, save the file as *.synthesia (Where * is your filename)

Screenshot 2015-09-26 22.23.40

And open your song in synthesia, your changes will show!

Screenshot 2015-09-26 22.25.57

Screenshot 2015-09-26 22.26.02

Next part: Protect your midi files!


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