Genius Project Post 2: Mentors

February 20th, 2017

Prospective Mentors – why you chose them. What did you learn about them? Have you emailed them yet? Have they responded?

For my genius project, I chose 2 mentors that held the knowledge that I lacked.

My first mentor was Kirt Danner from RPA.
He works for an advertising agency and knows lots about product life cycles. He could help me avoid common pitfalls faced with designing a product, as he has worked with many companies in the past.  He also has experienced firsthand starting from nothing and building your way up. I have emailed him and am awaiting a response.


Image result for qualcommMy second mentor is Nick Jimas. He works for Qualcomm inc and is an engineer. He can be of help for my specific project, which revolves around microcontrollers, as he also is well versed in designing products. I have not yet emailed him, as the email I was given was returned to me by the mail server as not being registered. I am going to be in contact with him this Friday so I will ask him again then.


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