How To Connect Ninebot IAP to a Converted Rental Ninebot ESX

February 7th, 2020

Rideshare companies have been notoriously bad at picking up their towed vehicles, so it’s not uncommon to be able to pick up Ninebot Scooters from companies like Lyft and Bird that can be legally yours and rideable without having to pay each time.

They do need to be flashed to put OEM software on them in order to unlock this functionality, but this process is easier than finding the police auctions/towing yards willing to sell you ex-rental scooters.

This site does not condone stealing or vandalism of rideshare property.

My scooter has an IoT Port or My scooter does not have an IoT Port

Don’t Know what an IoT port is?

Check the bottom area of the scooter for a wire or hole where a GPS box might be mounted.

  • If you have a retail/OEM/foldable Ninebot ESX(ES1, ES2, ES3, ES4), there will likely not be an IoT port.
  • If you have an IoT port, you can use either method.


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