GP Update – 10/23

October 23rd, 2017

I am in the process of redesigning this site, both for ease of use and also to allow me to better present myself. I am hoping to add a comment section to allow people to communicate with me without having to email me. I have also had several people reaching out to ask further questions or to get help implementing my code in their own projects. I hope to complete this within the next two weeks but I also have a lot of college stuff that I need to finish first so that deadline may not be met.

I have since talked to James Fieberg,  physics teacher and science department chair at Sage Creek High School, in an attempt to give my project a little more of a focus. I haven’t really had a definite goal with this project other than to create and help people create as well.

As of now I am going to try and target my project at younger individuals and teach them how to interface software and hardware without having a background in either. I hope to get some source of funding in the coming months so that I can get some hardware to trial run. I will also start commenting out the code and making better tutorials then my current ones, which are essentially just product demos. I’m hoping to create both video tutorials, and also written. I have some of the written part done but I need to publish it.

After I do these things, I have several ideas for more projects that I just need to get to testing and documenting. Mostly they are all practical devices, things like a garage door opener, or a remote for your tv, all of which can be used from anywhere via the internet. From there (assuming I finish), I hope to find more ideas for practical problems that can be solved using technology.


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