PSA: Do Not Update Your Ninebot Max to 1.8.3 (1.7.13)

July 18th, 2022

This version restricts upgrading.

This version restricts upgrading and adds nothing to the user experience.

Previously, with DRV versions 1.6.13(1.7.3) and 1.7.0, Ninebot implemented restrictions to prevent downgrading the firmware.

The team at ScooterHacking has quickly responded to these versions with a downgrade but warned that this might not be possible in the future.

With the release of 1.8.3/1.7.13, this version cannot be removed without an STLink.

Let me say that again, you CAN NOT downgrade 1.8.3/1.7.13 without disassembling the scooter and STLinking now.

I have a guide for how to STLink a Max ESC to remove these versions here:

This is the ONLY way to downgrade once updated, it is not likely a fix will ever be developed.

If you are unable to STLink you will need to replace the ESC with one that has an older version.

More often than not these updates add nothing to the user experience or cause more problems.


6 thoughts on "PSA: Do Not Update Your Ninebot Max to 1.8.3 (1.7.13)"

  1. Ludovic says:

    Hello can WE change region with an application for U.S. region? Thank in avance.

    1. joeybab3 says:

      Unfortunately no because the update was pushed out for all regions. STLink is the only way to remove this update.

  2. ScooterBoy says:

    Do you beleive that the team at ScooterHacking will crack the new 1.8.3 software in the future?

    1. joeybab3 says:

      I do not see this being the case, unfortunately.

  3. Kyle Giroux says:

    Am I able to upload modded firmware to my ninebot max if it is currently running version 1.7.13 ?

    1. joeybab3 says:

      No, this version prevents loading any firmware, unfortunately.

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