How to Downgrade Ninebot Max/G30 DRV 1.7.0 Without STLink

March 27th, 2022

NOTICE: Future versions may never get a downgrade. If you upgraded (1.7.1+) and lost your ability to downgrade you will need to STLink.
WARNING: Make sure not to update or use the official app in the future to avoid these issues! All features available in the official app (lock, activate, etc…) are available using other apps that will NOT force updates on you.

Earlier this month, Ninebot released a DRV update for the Ninebot Max/G30/G30P/G30D/whatever model you find yourself with that locked downgrading.

Thanks to the work of the folks at, we now have a fix!

Best of all it does not require an STLink or taking apart your scooter.

This will solve the issue where flashing with ScooterHacking Utility says “Update failed! Reason: Data format error.

This solution requires an android device with BLE and ScooterHacking Utility (SHU) installed.

Download SHU from ScooterHacking.

Make sure the app is up to date before beginning. If you just downloaded it this shouldn’t be an issue.

Open the app and give it Bluetooth permissions if you have not already.

Select your device from the list.

The list of available BLE devices.

The list of available BLE devices.

After clicking the device, you will be prompted letting you know you are on a restricted DRV.

Click “yes” to begin the downgrade.

The prompt notifying you of the restriction.

The prompt notifying you of the restriction.

It will then say “Removing DRV firmware restrictions”.

The prompt notifying you of the restrictions being removed.

The prompt notifying you of the restrictions being removed.

Click outside this message to begin the flash after 30 or so seconds.

Flashing 'stock' 1.6.3.

Flashing ‘stock’ 1.6.3.

Your version number should now reflect the downgrade and you can reflash your custom firmware or stock.

Make sure you do not use the official app as it may force an update again.

1.6.3 showing a successful downgrade.

1.6.3 showing a successful downgrade.


8 thoughts on "How to Downgrade Ninebot Max/G30 DRV 1.7.0 Without STLink"

  1. Sanin says:

    Crvena lampica ,prva od pokazivaca baterije..blinka non stop..nema veze jel punjač upljen il ne..isto pokazuje koliko idem na sat,i nmž se prebaciti u S mode……ka mislim da sam sve metoze resetovanja probao al,ne rade..svi pokušaji preko apl dowgrade i scoterhacking da vratim na staru verziju i orginalni su neuspjeli..IMA LI IKO RIJESENJE ..(da ga ne rastavljam po mogućnosti)?? TEK SAM KUPIO XIAOMI-PRO2…i oma belaj..unabrijed hvala

  2. boringf30 says:

    With the 5.8.5 update I now cannot downgrade the firmware of my Ninebot F30, if you know how then please make a tutorial on that aswell. Thanks!

    1. joeybab3 says:

      I don’t have an F-series and do not currently know of any ways to get around this, sorry.

  3. Tom says:

    What is BLE??

    1. joeybab3 says:

      Bluetooth low energy

  4. Dries says:

    I got an error. Flashing Failed! Update Failed Reason Page index error.
    The flashing starts and then atfer 2 or 3% its stops an says this error.
    Ik have the latest app and rebooted step and phone.

  5. Goku says:

    I did this and now the Ninebot Max won’t stay on or connect via Bluetooth. Have you had anyone else with this experience? Not sure what to do.

    1. joeybab3 says:

      It’s possible the flash failed. It’s very rare (1/100+ flashes) but it can happen even with OEM updates. You may need to STlink to put the old firmware back.

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