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114. Various Logo Photoshops(memebean)

Memebean logo


This one was a custom logo for Mrs. AMYKUEHL because she was having trouble pronouncing memebean correctly.


70. Quizgroup Mcn Scam

I unfortunately am partnered with quizgroup MCN(A youtube network) for my YouTube channel. I hate them. I hate them with a passion. They have violated every single term we agreed to in our contract. The payment comes 2 months late. And now today I got this email:


On 14-10-2015, QuizGroup sent a payment to *******@***.*** account
for $***,** USD.

The payment to your account has been denied by PayPal.

39. 140$ 5Tb Network Attached Drive (NAD or NAS)?

Recently this Black Friday, I purchased a Western Digital 5Tb expansion drive for 139.99 at Fry’s(With tax ended up being about 150$ even). Now don’t worry about that deal being gone, it is still availible for 139.99 at Newegg. I plugged it in, copied my drive.ico, and Autorun.inf files(It just gives it a custom name and custom loach logo.) and right away it worked! The next step was setting up windows to share the drive to all of my computers across my whole network, I did this by the following steps:


35. Art Splash Sphere Map

I went to Art Splash and took photos of as many of the chalk drawings as I could.

Views: Art Splash 7 by Joey Babcock

25. Maps Views

I made another Spheremap, this time for Poinsettia Park. So far I only have 7 spheres, but I’ll add more as I can.

Views: Poinsettia Park by Joey Babcock

24. Google Maps Views How To Force Update Constellation Title

When I was first starting out, I just tried to put all of the titles in as quickly as I could since I was running low on battery. After I made the constellations, I realized that the titles looked unprofessional(they were lowercase). I went in and fixed the titles, but the constellations still had the old titles. Here is how to fix that.

22. Google Maps Views

Lately I have been getting into using the “surround photo” downloadable function on my s5. It creates photospheres which are like panoramas but you can view up and down. While I was in Hawaii, I looked it up to find some of other peoples and discovered google has a sharing-social network type feature in maps. I uploaded them to my profile and connected them using the connect images button. You can see them on my profile at https://www.google.com/maps/views/profile/106122192875842363727?gl=us.

One of the coolest functions in Maps Views, is the ability to create “constellations”, or maps of connected photos. I made a giant one consisting of around 50 separate spheres at my hotel. You can see it below.

Views: Hyatt Regency Maui SphereMap by Joey Babcock

13. Javascript Tutorial Part 1, Foreword, Making your first script.

JavaScript is used on almost every website big and small. It can be used to move items, sense clicks, key types, addresses typed, and almost every other action on a website.

11. Buzz Javascript Sound

Buzz Javascript Sound Library.

This is possibly the easiest way to implement sound using javascript. I used it in Flappy Loach. Sounds can be played using simple methods such as “sound1.play();”, volume can be set by using the function “sound1.setVolume(volume);”, and many other simple methods.


7. Hello and Welcome.

As my first post, I’ll explain what you’re here for… For the most part, I’ll just be posting stuff im working on, if you are looking for arduino-related, you can find that HERE. I enjoy programming my arduino, and working on my fish tank. So as you can guess I combine those hobbies to create things like this.


(Keep in mind I filmed this 2 years ago…)

**Going this far back will result in pages like this that link to stuff that doesn’t work anymore…

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