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103. [Music] – Castle Crashers – Cycerin – Winterbliss Piano Midi Synthesia



99. [Arduino] – ESP8266 Based SONOS Browser Controller

esp8266  sonos-logo

The esp serves up a web page that can be used to control your sonos from anything that can support a browser. It’s a work in progress, and I’ll keep updating as I see fit.



97. [Film] – Sage Creek Student Life (E01)

I figured I should probably start posting the occasional videos I make for different usually school related functions.


96. [Arduino] – 10$ ESP8266 Live Youtube Subscriber Display With OTA Support

After watching Andreas Spiess’ video in which he demoed his live sub counter, I set off to build one of my own. For this I used:

2x MAX7219 based 8×8 red LED matrices

1x Wemos d1 mini(ESP8266 based microcontroller)

5x male to female jumper cables


48. Geometry Dash – Base after Base Piano + Cello

This was my second midi. I made this one, so the only credit due is to djvi for making this amazing song originally( Watching this 3 months later I realize I just copied and pasted the same drum beat for the whole song…



42. Stereo Madness Black Midi

This one took about 3 days of work, since it was my first black midi…

EDIT: Wow… This is my second most popular video and most popular page on my site. Thanks!



12. Sorry about the videos.

UPDATE: I have started to re-film the videos one by one, under a new username.

Yes, I am aware the videos are not working. This is because YouTube flagged them as copyright… That’s right, they thought that I was using copyright music so they disabled my account… I lost the videos because I didn’t think I would need to keep them since they were already on YouTube, so I’ll have to re-film them when I get the time.