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68. [Music] Swag up your synthesia songs.

The creator of synthesia recently added a couple of cool features, and combined with a few tools i made, you can make some great songs!

For the following you need a few things, you will need synthesia metadata editor, and a midi file.

You can get:

Synthesia metadata editor here:

And a sample midi file here:

1: Change song properties (more…)

67. [Music] Waterflame – Endgame – Midi Synthesia(Piano)

65. [Music] Geometry Dash – Waterflame – Geometrical Dominator

Waterflame’s “Geometrical dominator” on Piano(Played by synthesia)



60. [Music] Five Nights At Freddy’s Song



48. Geometry Dash – Base after Base Piano + Cello

This was my second midi. I made this one, so the only credit due is to djvi for making this amazing song originally( Watching this 3 months later I realize I just copied and pasted the same drum beat for the whole song…