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128. [GP] – GP Update – 10/23

I am in the process of redesigning this site, both for ease of use and also to allow me to better present myself. I am hoping to add a comment section to allow people to communicate with me without having to email me. I have also had several people reaching out to ask further questions or to get help implementing my code in their own projects. I hope to complete this within the next two weeks but I also have a lot of college stuff that I need to finish first so that deadline may not be met.

I have since talked to James Fieberg,  physics teacher and science department chair at Sage Creek High School, in an attempt to give my project a little more of a focus. I haven’t really had a definite goal with this project other than to create and help people create as well. (more…)

127. [GP] – Genius Project Update 4

After working on my garage door opener for a bit, I’m not attempting to add Infrared support to it so that it can be able to control devices such as tv’s or for example Mrs. Kuehl’s projector. I am hoping that the ESP32 api adds support for infrared natively soon so that I can accomplish this without having to bitbang a protocol because that always ends up being a really ghetto solution. I also am hoping to add a little better of a way to control devices over the internet because as of right now it requires a messy solution of port fowarding your router which I doubt many people know how to do that.




126. [GP] – Genius Project Prototype 1, Garage Door Opener


119. Genius Project Post 3: Genius Project Pitches

Genius Project Pitches: What about your pitch are you  most looking forward to? What are you worried about? How is your pitch preparation going? What do you hope to get out of your pitch? What advice do you hope to gain from the people in your classroom?

For my pitch, I’m looking forward to pitching my idea to the class. I’m excited to receive their opinions on my project, and see what they think of it. I’m a bit worried about the presentation itself, as I’m not to great at the whole public speaking thing. I think that I’m probably stressing out a little too much about it, and I have given presentations before without an issue. I’m in the process of preparing my pitch, but it has been going slowly, as I have had a busy week with lots of homework. Earlier this week, I missed two days for the District Office meeting with CHS, and that set me back a bit since I have to make up my work now. I’m hoping that when I present to the class I can get an idea of potential pitfalls that my classmates foresee for my project. I also want to see if what I’m aiming to accomplish has been done before at all, (more…)

117. Genius Project Post 2: Mentors

Prospective Mentors – why you chose them. What did you learn about them? Have you emailed them yet? Have they responded?

For my genius project, I chose 2 mentors that held knowledge that I lacked.

My first mentor was Kirt Danner from RPA.
He works for an advertising agency and knows lots about product life cycles. He could help me avoid common pitfalls faced with designing a product, as he has worked with many companies in the past.  He also hasexperienced firsthand starting from nothing, and building your way up. I have emailed him and am awaiting a response.


113. Genius Project Post 1: Overview

Image result for genius project

The Concept: For the 2016-2017 school year, we are embarking on what our school calls the “Genius project” derived from Google’s “20 time” concept. It is the concept of giving people 20% of their work time to do what they want. While this might sound like just an excuse for students to slack off during English class, there are some restrictions. Students must choose a topic that advances society in some way, and work on it through senior year.

My Project:  (more…)

99. [Arduino] – ESP8266 Based SONOS Browser Controller

esp8266  sonos-logo

The esp serves up a web page that can be used to control your sonos from anything that can support a browser. It’s a work in progress, and I’ll keep updating as I see fit.



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